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Kensington coffee massage

Coffee  massage is increasingly used in various types of therapeutic massage. Is one of the latest trends in the field of massage therapy.  Coffee is being used as a base ingredient in body scrubs, lotions, oils and body wraps.

Typically , a coffee massage involves the application of coffee grounds mixed with soothing gels or lotions to the skin by hand or with a wet cloth. Primarily, the coffee beans are used as a stimulating exfoliant to remove dead skin cells through scrubbing the skin. This is then followed by the actual massage where a coffee based lubricant or oil is used during a therapeutic massage.

Coffee it is gentle enough for facial massages. It has a cleansing and moisturizing effect and it is also loaded with antioxidants, especially when using green coffee. It can even tighten skin and reduce puffy eyes, albeit the effect is temporary. A typical coffee massage invigorates tired muscles and provides protection from oxidation and sun exposure. Coffee based massage creams and essential oils stimulate circulation and at the same time provide aromatherapeutic effects with their rich, deep scents.